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To crack the MAANG interviews, you need to be prepared very well with technical and non-technical skills. You must have the right interview preparation plan and strategies for cracking the interview along with good quality learning resources. Meta, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google are the dream employers for all college tech graduates. But, the competence here is huge. These top-notch companies attract hundreds of thousands of applicants annually. To get results in your MAANG interview, you must be very well prepared.
Are you ready to start developing your career in software development engineering? Making this decision is the first step in starting a new career, but you should know what to do next. SDE is a study of engineering to the development, design, and maintenance of software. A software engineer is a person who applies the principles of software engineering. A software engineer is developing, designing, maintaining, testing, and evaluating computer software.
Do you want a career that allows you to experience first-hand the full power of DevOps—and even go a few steps beyond? If you want a challenging, in-demand role that goes beyond DevOps‌, the Site Reliability Engineer career path might be the right choice for you. SRE is a growing discipline and role that fills in the gaps between Dev and Ops. The SRE role is concerned with the operation of the system.
Site reliability engineers are the ones who ensure all the production (infra/servers/DBS etc…) are running fine all the time. Every Web-based tech company has this division. But, this role is not to be confused with that of a developer. “SRE is what happens when you ask a software engineer to design an operations function.” - Ben Treynor SRE’s focus is on finding a balance between releasing new features and ensuring that they are reliable for users.
To crack the FAANG interview, you need to be prepared really well. It means you must be sure you are proficient with all the required tech or non-tech skills. It’s important to have quality learning resources along, with a solid interview preparation plan, and strategies to crack FAANG interviews. The question is how to evaluate your current technical skills, and how to master your technical aptitude? How to be sure that you prepare yourself for the technical part of FAANG interviews?
Security Engineer interviews vary considerably based on the team you are interviewing with. Software Engineers at Google don’t interview specific teams, but Security Engineers do. Security Engineer interviews cover a mix of coding and security knowledge related to the team’s domain and the candidate’s experience. You can expect to be asked interview questions that cover many security areas and questions that dig deeply into areas in which you claim knowledge.
The key factors of producing or developing a product are product design and system design. These activities may be challenging and resource-driven depending on the type of project or product, but they are interdependent. On one hand, product design involves generating new creative ideas and concepts and translating them into physical and usable products. Product design requires a lot of creation and innovation. Facebook, like the other FAANG companies, competes fiercely for top creative talents, product designers, and engineers.
Facebook product design interview questions are pretty hard and specific to Facebook. They cover a wide range of topics. The very first step to getting invited to an interview (at Facebook and anywhere else) is your portfolio. In your CV, it’s important to have relevant roles front and center, but a portfolio is a MUST. You are one of the thousands of portfolios received. So, make a noise with a clear and consistent story across your projects.
Data Engineer is one of the most popular jobs today. There is a huge demand for data engineers and the companies offer data engineers a very high salary for the data engineering roles. The interview process for data engineering roles is very simple. The focus is on answering a simple question: is this candidate better than most of the current members of the team? The companies gear the data engineering interview questions in a data engineer interview mostly towards data structures/algorithms and design from a data engineer’s perspective.
Site Reliability Engineer Interview Preparation Guide and Tips (With Sample Questions and How to Answer) Site reliability engineering (SREs) is gaining more traction in software development and IT. As a result, there are thousands of open positions for SREs in the U.S and worldwide as organizations across industries look to shore up the performance and reliability of their systems. The concept of SRE was introduced by Benjamin Treynor in 2002 and was popularized through Google’s SRE eBook as an approach to service management.
Google and Facebook are the two from the FAANG companies that pay the highest average salaries to software engineers in the United States. Software engineers are the main money makers of the company. FAANG companies do not ‌skimp on their salaries because of the value the software engineers bring to the company. FAANG salaries are high and FAANG companies would like to be sure they get at least some of the best engineers on the job.
Netflix has a fairly unique interviewing process. Although the FAANG companies have a similar interview process, every one of these companies has something in its interview process that makes it unique. The Netflix interview process is unlike most major tech companies. They place a heavy emphasis on culture and have a rigorous “core values” document to which you’ll need to take the huge attention. You must be sure that you understand what high performance the Netflix culture is.
Your coding interview is coming up? Doing a mock coding interview will give you the preparation you need to nail the real one. Success in job interviews almost always comes down to two factors - preparation and confidence. Being well-prepared for a job interview is going to play a major role in your performance and ultimately the outcome. Mock interviews are a powerful practice tool. By going over common questions and having time to tweak your responses, you’ll significantly decrease the chance that you’ll be caught off guard during the real thing.
Leadership Principles are guidelines of the culture and values of the company. The 16 Amazon leadership principles are just the thing that makes Amazon unusual. In this article, the focus is on the 7th leadership principle: Insist on the highest standards. Your Amazon interview is on the corner and you are not sure what Amazon means in its phrase: “Insist on the highest standards”, what Amazon means by “the highest standards”.
Amazon lives and breathes its 16th leadership principles. All the interviews and performance reviews, the company bases on them. Amazon uses leadership principles every day - in discussing new project ideas, in finding approaches to solving problems, and so on. Leadership Principles are guidelines of culture and values. Every organization has some equivalent of these. Amazon, though, takes them seriously and embeds these values and culture into everything that they do.
The first interaction you have with a potential employer is exactly the interview. 80% of the interview comprises behavioral questions. Behavioral questions in the interview aim to get an overview of your future actions using examples from your past. Your behavior in certain situations in the previous job can be a sure indicator of what your actions will be in the future. That is the reason for the origin of the STAR phenomenon, and it’s the key to cracking the Amazon behavioral interview.
Many developers dream about working at Apple. But, for their dream to become a reality, they should overcome the Apple interview (and the coding round), which is not a simple task. The tech giant Apple, since January 2021, is the world’s most valuable company. The number of employees in Apple from 2005 to 2021 reached around 148 thousand. The Apple interview process is very standard and similar to other FAANG companies.
Definitions A graph is defined by its vertices (aka nodes) and edges: G := (V, E). A connected graph is one where there exists a path between any two vertices. Edges can have directions. A graph with directed edges is called a directed graph (or digraph). A connected graph without cycles is called a tree. Most trees in computer science are rooted trees. Representations The adjacency matrix representation of graph G is defined to be a boolean matrix M in which M[i][j] equals 1 if and only if the i-th and j-th vertices are connected by an edge.
Coding interviews are challenging, especially if it comes to big tech companies like Amazon. Amazon composes its technical interviews of coding interviews and system design interviews. Amazon coding interviews are hard, they are specific to Amazon. Amazon base coding interviews on data structures and algorithms problems. You are given a coding question and expected to solve it with clean code in a short time while someone scrutinizes every keystroke that you make.
Problem Statement Given an array of integers nums and an integer target, return indices of the two numbers such that they add up to target. You may assume that each input would have exactly one solution, and you may not use the same element twice. You can return the answer in any order. Example 1: Input: nums = [2,7,11,15], target = 9 Output: [0,1] Explanation: Because nums[0] + nums[1] == 9, we return [0, 1].
Amazon is a leading tech organization that provides many remarkable career opportunities. Getting a job at Amazon is difficult. You should crack multiple interview rounds. If you want to nail an Amazon interview and get a job in one of the biggest tech companies, you should be well prepared for both a technical interview and a Soft skill/behavioral interview. In the technical interview, you will have to answer questions across algorithms, data structures, and system design.
The FAANG interview is one of the toughest interviews a software engineer can go through. It’s very challenging to go compete with some of the best minds in big tech companies. Proper FAANG interview preparation is a must! You must be sure you have every advantage possible to get a job out there. FAANG companies want a person who is creative and has good problem-solving skills. See also: Facebook coding interview questions - Your complete coding interview guide Amazon system design interview questions How to prepare for Google coding challenge We know FAANG organizations provide the best additional benefits for the employees.
Googlyness - How to pass the Googlyness interview Google looks for “Googlyness” while choosing its employees. A surprising percentage of over 26,000 employees worldwide have it. Google is the world’s largest search engine and has thousands of branches in different world countries. Every year at least 20 million people apply for jobs here. Working in Google’s office is like a dream come true for everyone. It is not easy to pass their interview and get a job here.
Problem Statement Given a singly linked list, return a random node’s value from the linked list. Each node must have the same probability of being chosen. Implement the Solution class: Solution(ListNode head): Initializes the object with the integer array nums. int getRandom(): Chooses a node randomly from the list and returns its value. All the nodes of the list should be equally likely to be choosen. Constraints: The number of nodes in the linked list will be in the range [1, 10^4].
Facebook is one of the top tech world companies. The company with excellent benefits, growth-based company culture, and top salaries which are at the level of only a few other companies. Many developers around the globe dream of working at Facebook. Working at Facebook means being around smart people who are excited about what’s going on around them. This is a working place that both values and practices openness. The company has great tools and processes, cool technology/ problems/and products to work on, great/fun culture, lots of great free food/snacks/and drinks.