Mock coding interview - How to prepare online (with InterviewHelp)


Your coding interview is coming up? Doing a mock coding interview will give you the preparation you need to nail the real one.

Success in job interviews almost always comes down to two factors - preparation and confidence. Being well-prepared for a job interview is going to play a major role in your performance and ultimately the outcome. Mock interviews are a powerful practice tool.

By going over common questions and having time to tweak your responses, you’ll significantly decrease the chance that you’ll be caught off guard during the real thing. It’s significant to choose the right platform for practicing mock interviews. I’ll explain why interview help is the right choice for you, to practice mock coding interviews.

Interview help is a peer-to-peer mock interview platform. The interview coaches at Interview help plan completely mock interviews, according to the candidate’s preference. It will help you gain a lot of exposure and understanding of the interview process. It not just gives you practice and knowledge, but also helps you build confidence for the real thing.

No matter when you want to practice, you can schedule an interview session to work with a peer online, performing both the role of the interviewer and the interviewee. Besides solving coding problems, you can also work on the communication portions of the interview to ensure that you’re completely ready for the real thing once you head to an on-site interview.

The factors to consider when choosing a mock coding interview platform

  • A fast and snappy core user experience.
  • Clear and affordable price
  • Features and functionality

How to get the most out of interview help

Preparation phase

  • Start at least three months before the time you want to sit for the interviews.
  • Work your way through the problem sets on interview Help. They’ve nicely structured it under key topics.
  • Work hard to reach the top 20 on the leaderboard. You might get referred even if you’re in the top 30, but this is for your own good.
  • There is a concept called up solving in Competitive Programming. It means that you should especially solve problems that you’re unable to solve. Stretch yourself to solve the hard problems.
  • Practice whiteboard coding. Especially for design questions.

Mock interview phase

The mock interview phase is very important! You need to practice under interview pressure. Interview help will schedule mock interviews with you to settle your nerves before the actual interviews. When you receive the feedback from these mock interviews, work on that feedback.

Doing mock interviews can both help you find your weakness and overcome nervousness.

Work on your weaknesses. Practice makes perfect, particularly with coding interviews.

Interview Phase

Go in with a constructive mindset and give your best. Even if you fail, don’t take it to heart. There will be plenty more opportunities in the feature. Use failure as an opportunity to learn and grow. If you fail, this only should motivate you to work harder.

I recommend you strike a positive relationship with your recruiter. This will help you in the future when you want to apply again.

Offers/Negotiation Phase

This is one of the toughest phases for a relatively inexperienced Software Engineer. Most of you have never negotiated before, but there is no space for panic. Interview help will help you through this phase too. Interview Help accumulate wisdom of knowing the recruitment strategies of companies. They will work with you to negotiate and choose the best offer.

How to prepare for your mock interview - (additional tips)

First, take your mock interview as seriously as you would an actual interview. Be sure you are ready for the interview just as you would for an interview with a hiring manager:

  • Arrive 15 minutes early.
  • Bring your resume and all the materials you would bring to a real interview.
  • Know about your company
  • Take notes on what your mock interviewer tells you.
  • Dress professionally.

Now you know how to make your preparation for a coding interview easier than ever, with interview help. So, don’t waste your time. Schedule your mock coding interview today.

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