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Google and Facebook are the two from the FAANG companies that pay the highest average salaries to software engineers in the United States. Software engineers are the main money makers of the company. FAANG companies do not ‌skimp on their salaries because of the value the software engineers bring to the company. FAANG salaries are high and FAANG companies would like to be sure they get at least some of the best engineers on the job.

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FAANG software engineer salaries vary because of several factors. The first factor is the position of the software engineer in the company. The next factor is the company (i.e. for which of the 5 FAANG companies we are talking about). Then, the location and the experience in a particular area.

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In this article, we analyzed the different specialties of a software engineer and FAANG software engineer salaries.


  • 6 different software engineer areas
  • The average salary for a software engineer at FAANG by role
  • The average salary for a software engineer at FAANG by company
  • FAANG software engineering salaries by company and level

6 different software engineer areas

Software engineers fit into six specialties:

Front-End Engineers: This is the biggest talent pool. Their population is more than double that of the second-biggest specialty.

Embedded and Application Engineers: These engineers are one of the smallest talent pools, but also the most experienced. They focus primarily on the IoT and. It’s also the least gender-diverse.

Infrastructure and Cloud Computing Engineers: They are more experienced, like embedded and application engineers. 77 percent of infrastructure and cloud professionals have over 10 years of experience.

Machine Learning and Data Science Engineers: Machine learning and data science engineers are the smallest specialty–and the most in-demand. This is a good place to be.

Mobile Engineers: The second-biggest specialty and they’re also the youngest cohort–37 percent of these engineers have less than 10 years of experience, more than any other specialty.

Test and Quality Assurance Engineers: The most gender-diverse group–and yet even there. Women represent only around 30 percent of its talent pool.‌ Based on this demographic data, all specialties have a long way to go until they reach gender parity.

The average salary for a software engineer at FAANG

The average salary for a software engineer depends on a lot of factors.

Below are the three major factors that determine the salary for a software engineer:

  1. Location/Marketplace
  2. Which Company
  3. Programmer Skill Set/Job History

Interview help, analyzed salary data for workers at FAANG companies, across the six areas I mentioned above. Let’s ‌look:

The average salary for a Front-end developer

Amazon - $120,043

Google - $115,000

Facebook - $117,500

Apple - $106,000

Embedded software engineer/ Application software engineer average salary

Amazon - $135,600

Google - $186,851/yr

Facebook - $115,698

Apple - $139,708/yr

Netflix - $117367

Cloud computing engineer average salary

The national average salary for a Cloud Computing Engineer is $108,054 in the United States.

Amazon - $105,559

Google - $140,430

Apple - $164450

The average salary for a Machine learning engineer/ data science engineer

Amazon - $131,664 ( 6% below the national average).

Google - $128,910

Apple - $174,753

Facebook - $153,046

Netflix - $154,272 (15% higher than the national average salary in the United States).

Mobile engineer average salary

Amazon - $130,035

Google - $171406

Apple - $114,500

Facebook - $131017

Test and quality assurance engineer average salary

Amazon - $112487

Google - $134716

Apple - $124,785

Facebook - $133,431

Netflix - $192,240 (151% above the national average salary in US)

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FAANG software engineer salaries - by company and level

Amazon’s Software Engineering Salaries Across Levels:

  • SDE I - $164,000
  • SDE II - $225,000
  • SDE III - $328,000
  • Principal SDE - $657,000

Apple’s Software Engineering Salaries Across Levels:

  • ICT2 - $173,000
  • ICT3 - $217,000
  • ICT4 - $317,000
  • ICT5 - $442,000

Google’s Software Engineering Salaries Across Levels:

  • L3 - $189,000
  • L4 - $265,000
  • L5 - $354,000
  • L6 - $481,000
  • L7 - $694,000
  • L8 - $1,191,000

Facebook’s Software Engineering Salaries Across Levels:

  • E3 - $181,000
  • E4 - $262,000
  • E5 - $381,000
  • E6 - $598,000
  • E7 - $869,000
  • E8 - $1,351,000

Remember that the salary that matters the most is your current salary, and the salary you make at your next job.

If you do it right, each job will pay you a higher salary until you are rich beyond your wildest dreams and swimming in a bathtub full of bitcoin!

Do you want to earn FAANG level salaries?

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You don’t have to be a genius to work at a FAANG company. Oh sure, if you get in by the normal interview route, you are either smart or very lucky.

The hardest part is getting an interview. These companies receive so many applications that getting shortlisted for an interview requires your resume to showcase achievements and experience that are much better than other applicants. This can be hard to assess since you do not know how good (or bad) other applicants are relative to you. From what I have analyzed, references/recommendations from a current employee will significantly boost your chances of landing an interview.

Once you are invited for an interview, it gets slightly easier. These companies have a very rigid interview process, usually spread over several rounds (each being progressively more difficult than the last). If you can come up with a process to tackle these interviews, you stand a good chance of getting an offer.

Getting past these interviews requires plenty of preparation. Even if you have like over 10 years of industry experience, you still wouldn’t even get past the phone screen for a FAANG company. You need to prepare specifically for their interview process.

Getting into these companies depends a lot more on your ability to crack their interviews than on your skills. It requires the right preparation. Interview help can help you boost your interview skills, and direct you on what to focus on while preparing.

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