Why FAANG Is A Good Choice For Software Engineers - Top 5 Reasons


In the corporate world, still no one can surpass the technology giants Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Netflix. Getting a job at one of these companies is a dream come true for many engineers.

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See the major reasons FAANG company is a wonderful choice for engineers:

1. Compensation

These companies pay well. A software engineer at Google, for about four years makes $280-$340k total compensation. Netflix pays an average total compensation of 400k USD, while Facebook is said to pay bonuses of up to 100’s of thousand US dollars. The link below gives you an overview of how much you can earn at top tech companies: levels.fyi

2. Reputation

The brand name of these companies results in excellent reputation in society. And, if you want to change the company for any reason, your resume will list a globally recognized company. An engineer with experience in such a company can expect to find fewer roadblocks when trying to find work. The brand name helps the engineer to stand out from the competition, thus opening more doors for him.

3. FAANG companies highly valued their engineers

FAANG gives more value to their engineers than companies like Walmart or General Electric. They generate revenue for FAANG as opposed to being cost centers. FAANG companies bring best practices into their processes and tools. Engineers in these companies are part of the latest technology and they have more opportunities for growth.

4. Benefits

FAANG provides well-known benefits, such as wellness benefits, shipping coverage, paid leisure and parental leave.

But, you can also have additional benefits here that are hard to find in other companies, such as continuing education, scholarships or expensive internship sites.

5. Stability

Responsibilities in elite companies are defined. These companies are more structured, the environment is constant. And it is great for those who want more job security, for those who want to create a family or a better work-life balance.

The team you work with influences your perception of the company

Besides all the qualities offered by a particular company, for your perception to be complete, in order to evaluate whether a certain company is excellent for you personally, it is of great importance the combination of your manager and the team you will work with.

So, if you do not have a good time working with them, then you tend to get a poor impression of the company and paint the entire company in a terrible light.

And if you have a good time working with them, then you tend to ignore the dark corners of your company, and rate the company with 10.

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