Roles and Responsibilities of a Software Development Manager


The primary role of a software development manager is to control the software development process. The software development manager coordinates the team members and the client, allocates the resources, and streamlines the processes.

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Roles of software development manager

  • Customer and user-focused manager, who understands business problems and company strategy, and works effectively to support business partners.
  • A leader who provides clarity, transparency, and accountability to the team.
  • A disciplined taskmaster who gets projects delivered on time on budget.
  • Software development managers have enough technical, system design, and architecture knowledge to make a sound judgment.
  • Effective communicator with self-awareness, who continues to learn and improve.

Responsibilities of a software development manager

The software development manager is responsible for leading the development team.

  • He/she leads the team in development, design, testing, coding…
  • Set goals for each team member to ensure timely project delivery
  • Menage all the activities of the software development team
  • He/she keeps up to date with the latest development software and also

is responsible for hire and train new developers

  • Has responsibility for guiding the team and also must be ensured they adhere to development standards
  • The software development manager has responsibility for ensuring proper documentation

Software Development Manager does not determine what gets developed - he/she is responsible for how it gets developed.

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